Jan 25, 2009

Cutting my own hair, stepping in your own poop and thoughts on a new year.

Not necessarily in that order.

Last night as I was brushing my teeth I heard Geoff extolling Norman about something and got a little concerned when I heard "No buddy! Did you step in your own poop??"
and then the laughter as he tried to corral Norman to the bathroom before he jumped up on the couch.

He did.
Step in his own poop AND jump onto the couch.

So that was a fun precurser to motherhood moment for me, as I sat on the bathroom floor cleaning dog poo out from between Norman's pads and toenails.
And then pulling the sheets off the bed and searching for fresh ones.
And being incredibly thankful that Geoff took care of the couch smears.

Yeah, I bet you didn't think you'd be reading about poop smeared couches today did you?

You're welcome!

This morning I took the scissors to my own head.
I've been wrestling with getting a haircut since just before Christmas, trying to put it off as long as possible.
I really love the haircuts that I've had the last few times I've seen a pro, but I just can't justify $50 for a haircut right now. Especially since it's still cold enough that I just throw on a hat all day anyway.
But I will admit to being just vain enough for it to sour my mood when it hits THAT POINT when my hair will no longer do the nice things I ask it to anymore.

Cutting it myself is the logical answer.
And today, it's not too bad. In fact I might have discovered the easiest and kind of foolproof way to do it myself and stretch out my professional salon visits even longer.

We'll see how it stands up to a couple weeks of wear.

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about this year, and what it means to me.
I didn't really do a resolution post earlier in the month, and taking the extra week in Victoria during the holidays sort of unbalanced my view of it even really being a new year.
It just felt like a regular visit over there and things wouldn't really change.
And I know that things don't just change like that, over night, but I was feeling a new awareness or something.

And then we went back to work and I forgot all about it.
But it nags. Just a little bit.
This IS a big year for me.
I am getting married this year.

I am turning 30 this year.

I kind of think that I have been ignoring just how much that will affect me.
Turning 30 I mean.
For the last few years I've been really excited about turning 30. Like somehow I would have my shit together by then so it was totally something to look forward to.
But my shit? It's kind of all over the place.
I am not going to get into it, but I am currently feeling slightly untethered. Like the strings holding me to the ground are frayed and that once they break I'll fly away.
Possibly to Bermuda.

Working from home is WAY HARDER than I thought it would be.
I really love it when I am having a good day, but staying motivated is the trick when I am not having such a great day.
Plus we are both working from our teensy apartment and sorting that out has been a little bit tricky.
As neither of us has a work from a computer style of job.
Geoff is an audio engineer and needs a lot of quiet.
I am a metalsmith who spends a lot of time HAMMERING the CRAP out of stuff.


I came across this on Design is Mine last week and it felt like a beacon of sorts.
I am going to really focus on what it is I want my life to be, and BE IT.

Or possibly fly to Bermuda.
It's nice there right??

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